Hannes Vaia, CEO

Hannes Vaia has been CEO of the company since June 2011. Following some time abroad, he formed the Vaia Group and soon placed the business on a new footing. He has previous professional experience with partners in Germany, Spain and the UK, where he specialised in sales and marketing.

While working, he supplemented his theoretical background by taking a master’s degree in business and management at the MCI in Innsbruck, being awarded the title of “Master of Science in Management” in 2010. Hannes Vaia learnt his profession from scratch: after training as a carpenter, he qualified as a wood engineer and afterwards helped develop the sales and marketing side of the family business.

“Life is what you make of it.” This is my firm conviction. I therefore constantly try to improve myself and my surroundings. I regard each challenge as an opportunity. I am of the opinion that who does not dare will not win. That is why we wish to try out the new and take risks – and sometimes make the impossible come true.


In 1958 Anton Vaia Senior created a small family business, a sawmill, in Kardaun together with his sons Anton and Konrad. Sons Roland and Oskar, as well as son-in-law Elmar Zöschg, continuously developed the commercial side.

In 2011 the family business was transferred to the fourth generation: Hannes Vaia, son of Roland, who placed it on a new footing.

The company has a large network in Europe, a strong marketing structure, 500 retailers in Italy, highly motivated staff and satisfied customers.